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Free Midway

Free Midway Entertainment

New in 2017

Chicago Honey Bear Dancers

Spanning the decades, the Chicago Honey Bear Dancers feature a family-oriented, fabulously choreographed variety song & dance show for ALL AGES ~ daily performances Tuesday through Saturday on the Meijer Entertainment Stage!

Jump with Jill

Jump with Jill is a music-based health program for kids that makes nutrition education rock, offering audiences the world’s only rock & roll nutrition show, Jump with Jill uses music and dance to celebrate healthy habits by transforming nutrition education into a live concert.   Performing Sunday ~ Family Day ~ on the Meijer Entertainment Stage.

Great American Duck Races

Sixteen children (and adults) are chosen during each show to release the ducks in the race track. Prizes are given to the winners of each race. Five races are held during each show. 
 Returning Favorites

MARTinez Studios Sand Sculptures
With only sand, moisture, and a little pressure, these larger than life sculptures are always a crowd pleaser. 


Department of Natural Resources Pocket Park
The DNR Pocket Park offers fair goers the opportunity to truly enjoy our natural resources.

Whispering Pines Animal Kingdom
Presenting education about a variety of animals from around the world.

US Army National Guard Displays
Test your strength and endurance with various challenges with the US Army National Guard.

Antique Gas and Steam Village
Displays of historic equipment, old time shops, operating saw mill and museum.


Woodworks Chainsaw Carving
"Woodworks Chainsaw Carving is a partnership between artists Jon Mykkanen and Marie Serafin.  Based in Johannesburg, Michigan (near Gaylord), their work takes them all around the state, carving stumps and demonstrating at fairs and festivals.  They also maintain an eclectic inventory of pieces for sale at their shop.  Jon is known for his bears and eagles while Marie specializes in sea captains, lighthouses, woodpeckers and herons.   Come and watch the chips fly! "
Educational Pavilion
sponsored by GreenStone Farm Credit Services & Farm Bureau

Big Big Stuff
See the world’s largest Yo-yo, Golf Tee, Paddle Lock and Key designed by the Bay College CAD Lab.

The Miracle of Life Exhibition
Witness the live births of calves, lambs, piglets and see the chicks, ducks, and quail eggs hatch before your eyes.

Growing Up Foresters
Wander through a hands on exhibit about the many wonders of forest ecosystems emphasizing the many ways trees and their products enhance our lives.

Cheese Carver
Watch as Sarah Kauffman creates a life size sculpture entirely out of cheese.  Sponsored by:


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